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British Airways Global Groups: The Customer Journey

Our British Airways Global Groups experts work together in partnership with our tour operator partners to continually build on enhancing our customer journey. Recently we have leveraged new systems and streamlined our operations to be able to offer robust reporting and analytics.

One of the standout features of our British Airways Global Groups’ customer approach is our commitment to providing the best service. Once a docket is responded to, it is owned and managed by a dedicated team member until resolution. This ensures that customers experience a consistent, personal approach whilst improving efficiency and minimising the time it takes to solve queries.

When we receive a customer query, our expert team aim to capture as much detail as possible upfront. This significantly reduces repeat communications and follow-up questions and provides our tour operator partners with a more comprehensive response from the outset.

The transition to our new system has boosted productivity and empowered our expert team to work with our tour operator partners efficiently, supporting them with all their Global Groups travel needs. We have welcomed the implementation of a new feature - skills-based routing. This ensures that each ticket is directed to the right agent based on their expertise and reduces complexity but also ensures that customers have access to an expert who can address their specific needs promptly.

Take a look at our recent key customer service statistics…

99.9% calls answered within 3 rings

1580 queries resolved within SLA of 2 hours

At British Airways Global Groups we have a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction. We aim to address queries efficiently, provide our tour operator partners with personalised responses, and continue to leverage the latest technologies to streamline processes and elevate our customer journey.

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