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New British Airways platform to address climate impact

25 November 2022

British Airways is now offering customers the chance to address their emissions from flying by purchasing certified carbon removal credits before or after they fly, or directly from their seat on the aircraft.

This innovative new approach has been made possible through the airline’s new upgraded climate platform, CO2llaborate, marking another milestone in the airline’s BA Better World sustainability journey. 

The airline has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has a clear roadmap of short, medium and long-term solutions to get there, including flying more fuel-efficient aircraft, funding verified carbon offset projects to mitigate emissions on UK domestic flights, investing in the development and scale up of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and looking at accelerating the growth of new technologies such as zero emissions hydrogen-powered aircraft and carbon capture technology. In addition to the work the airline is doing to reduce its emissions, British Airways is empowering its customers to make more sustainable travel choices by introducing the new CO2llaborate programme in partnership with climate tech company CHOOOSE.

Customers are able to calculate their flight emissions and use the adjustable slider to select the amount of SAF versus verified carbon removals, or SAF versus verified carbon offsets they wish to purchase. 

Carbon removal credits are issued by projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere or from the carbon cycle, and the credits are recognised by scientists, governments and regulators as a vital tool in helping to address climate change.

With its parent company International Airlines Group (IAG), British Airways has supported research and innovation to help accelerate the development of cutting-edge carbon removals solutions since 2019, as part of its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.  

This latest pioneering innovation means carbon removals now join the range of options available for British Airways customers to address their flight emissions, along with the existing options of verified carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

To see all climate action options available through British Airways, visit their CO2llaborate page.