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Environmental Policy

At British Airways, we will strive to improve our environmental performance. We will seek to manage our global operations and our impact on local communities to enhance and protect the quality of life.

All managers and employees are responsible for ensuring this is achieved by:

  • Identifying significant aspects and impacts of our activities on the environment – including the noise and emissions from aircraft and ground vehicles - and developing programmes to address these issues;
  • Implementing environmental management and review systems to:
    • mitigate significant environmental risks;
    • ensure environmental aspects are taken into account in our business decisions and
      commercial activities; and
    • monitor, audit and review our performance, striving for continual improvement;
  • Setting clearly defined objectives and targets addressing improvements in performance on environmental issues, and reporting against them;
  • Meeting or exceeding requirements of relevant rules and regulations;
  • We will keep our usage of natural resources to a minimum.
  • Using natural resources efficiently, minimising waste and harmful releases to the
  • Providing support, advice and training to staff on matters relating to our
    environmental performance, and raising awareness of environmental issues;
  • Engaging and involving all stakeholders by:
    • raising awareness of environmental issues with partners and suppliers, and
      encouraging them to adopt similar policies;
    • undertaking open dialogue on our environmental programmes with our
      staff, customers and other external stakeholders; and
    • working constructively with organisations concerned for communities,
      society and the environment, including government and international

Specific aspects of environmental performance and management are covered in other policy documents, including the Environment Manual.

The Environmental Management and Compliance Group, chaired by the Head of Environmental Affairs, co-ordinates environmental management across British Airways. The Group promotes the application of good environmental practice within the company and its supply chain, and monitors compliance with this policy. The Head of Environmental Affairs will alert members of the Leadership Team and other senior managers when additional action is needed to maintain the necessary standard of environmental management.